The Bell 505  in action!

The performance of the Bell 505 is outstanding-we tested the aircraft in in hot and hight conditions. Our pilots are absolutely enthusiastic about the Bell 505

Just a great helicopter to look at - only to fly it is better!

To test the hover performance limits you have to search hight landing spots!

BELL 407 GXP the ultimate single turbine experience!

Elegance and stylish interieur combinded with high performance and modern tecnology....

The ergonomic glass cockpit with the fully integrated Garmin 1000H Avionic paired with the 2-Axis Autopilot and SAS System reduces significantly the Pilot's workload and guarantees a safe and comfortable ride.

Using the Bell 407 GXP regularly for hight mountain rides in Switzerland we are impressed by the performance of this helicopter - even in hight and hot conditions...